Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

Woolworths is committed to improving animal welfare and we work closely with our suppliers to continue to raise the bar.


All of our fresh pork meat is sourced from farms that only use stalls for less than 10% of the sows' gestation period.


We will phase out all caged eggs from sale and the use of caged eggs in the ingredients of our own brand products by December 2018.

Woolworths was the first Australian retailer to introduce free range eggs in its own brand. Our Macro brand eggs are only free range and in our Select brand we offer free range and barn laid. We also offer many other brands of eggs in our stores.

All our own brand free range eggs both in our Macro and Select brands meet the free range production requirements of the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals: Domestic Poultry for relevant production system (free range, barn laid and caged) and are labelled accordingly.

The Code details animal welfare requirements for each production system. The Code is aCSIRO publication and available as a free download from

To make the choice easier for our customers who choose free range eggs, we have labelled the stocking density on-pack on our Select free range eggs.

Chicken Meat

Woolworths will move to RSPCA (or equivalent) standard for all fresh chicken meat sold in our stores by December 2014. Woolworths own-brand products in-store where chicken is a defined visible ingredient (i.e. chicken pieces) will also use RSPCA (or equivalent) standard by December 2018.

Animal Testing

Woolworths does not use animal testing in its own brand products.